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  1. Anonymous said: Different anon here. Please, please leave it up! I really enjoyed your asks and your art, and I'd love to be able to reread it occasionally.


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    Anonymous, asks,

  3. Anonymous said: why delete it instead of leaving it as an archive?

    ((idk, should i?))

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    Anonymous, asks,

  5. ((this blog is completely inactive, i will probably be deleting it soon unless someone wants to take over))

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  7. ((Sorry for the hiatus, Im going to try to draw more during summer break, so send me some questions in advance, i guess!))

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    rose lalonde, this is only funny to me, loses followers lol,

  10. I’m not mad at all, I was just a bit shocked. Alas, I don’t have romantic feelings for you, so I can just hope that, in your timeline, my alternate self will feel the same way as you do.

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    rose lalonde, I ACTUALLY DREW THIS a long time ago but i was planning on drawing a second panel but i can't remember what it was sorry, im so sorry sos osososoosos sorry,

  12. Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas.

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    rose lalonde,

  14. She’s okay, I guess.

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    nepeta leijon, rose lalonde, i actually drew this awhile ago lmao, oOPS,


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    rose lalonde, its ok rose, i understand,

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    rose lalonde, gah, im going to bed now, DROWINING IN MESSAGES FUCK, i'll try to continue tomorrow,